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The Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. USB-KM232 cable accepts RS-232 serial commands to generate keystrokes and/or mouse actions on a target PC.

Single byte serial commands sent from one device allow for the control of up and down of individual keys as well as mouse actions on a target PC.

Product Details

  • 6 foot cable length with standard USB connector. DB9 Female on the serial data end of the cable.
  • Powered directly from the USB connector.
  • Looks like a standard USB keyboard and mouse to the target PC.
  • No special drivers required, uses standard system drivers.
  • Simple, single byte RS-232 commands control the keyboard and mouse actions.
  • Emulates all standard keyboard keys, mouse buttons and mouse cursor movement.
  • Includes a command to read keyboard status LED settings from target PC.
  • Generate any combination of keys, such as "Ctrl+Alt+F1"
  • Works in addition to, or in place of, the existing keyboard and mouse on the target PC.
  • Serial communication at 9600, 8, N, 1
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing serial port demonstration programs.
  • Price - $89.95 ea.



KE-DB9MF can be used to extend the serial connection by 6 feet.

For more information about the above extension cable for the USB-KM232, visit our Accessories Page.

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