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The Rotary-5 module is a product designed to convert signals from mechanical and/or optical rotary encoders to logic level output pulses. These output pulses are suitable for driving keyboard encoder inputs such as those found on our KE72 Keyboard Encoder.

The ROTARY-5 allows for up to 5 rotary switches to be connected at one time.

Product Details

  • 5 independent quadrature signal rotary switch inputs.
  • Two outputs for each switch input direction.
  • Outputs pulse low for 50msec for each switch direction and position.
  • Jumper Option for divide by 4 to provide a single output for mechanical rotary switch detent positions.
  • Input activation overflow may be buffered or ignored based on a jumper setting.
  • Low power. May be powered from one of our Keyboard Encoders or an external 5V supply.
  • Supplied with a user manual.
  • Price - $59.95 ea.



KE-PWR5/2A power supply can power up to five Rotary-5 units.

For more information about the above accessory for the Rotary-5, visit the Accessories Page.

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