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The Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. Relay-8 module may be used in a variety of control applications. The unit operates with a single 5V power supply. Serial communication signals are 9600, 8N1, and are logic level. Use our KE-232IF cable to change the logic level transmit and receive lines to RS-232 levels.

Product Details

  • Logic level 9600 serial communcation control.
  • Use with our KE-232IF cable for RS-232 levels.
  • 8 individual relays with contact ratings of 1 Amp at 24 VDC and .50 Amp at 125 VAC.
  • Screw terminal access to each output relay.
  • Outputs Configurable for normally open or normally closed operation.
  • Status LEDs for each output.
  • Powered from 5VDC, or from our KE-PWR5/2A power supply.
  • Multiple Relay-8 modules may be daisy chained for control from the same serial connection.
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing a Visual Basic sample program which demonstrates how to communicate with the RELAY-8
  • Price - $79.95 ea.



KE-232-IF serial cable accessory converts the logic level Relay-8 communication signals to RS-232 voltage levels.

KE-PWR5/2A power supply can be used to power up to four Relay-8 units.

For more information about the above accessories for the Relay-8, visit the Accessories Page.

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