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The Hagstrom Electronics LP24 delivers programmability and small size at a great price!

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Use the LP24 to interface your switches or keypads to your PC keyboard input. Any of the 24 I/O pins on the interface header may be configured as a Row or Column in scanning a matrix. Programs through the keyboard port. Use with PCAT, PS/2, Pentium, and all compatibles.

Product Details

  • Small size, programmable interface to your PS/2 PC keyboard input.
  • Scan Keypads or Switches up to 12 x 12 Matrix
  • Works with or without your own keyboard. Looks like a keyboard to your PC!
  • Each input can be programmed to emulate any standard keystroke
  • Any of the 24 I/O pins may be configured as a Row or Column in a matrix.
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing the PC application "LP24CFG" which is used to configure the LP24
  • Price - $89.95 ea.



Optional MTA100-12-12 cable set attaches to the LP24 header, providing 12 inches of loose wire for each pin.

For more information about the above accessory for the LP24, visit the Accessories Page.

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