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Use the KEAD6 to interface potentiometers to the computer's USB port. Input from potentiometers can be programmed as joystick axes and/or programmed to generate keystrokes based on the potentiometer's movement.

Each of the six input channels may be individually configured through the use of the included setup utility. When the input is programmed as a joystick axis, it may be assigned as any of 16 standard axis types (X, Rz, Slider, etc.).
If an input is programmed to send keystrokes based on the potentiometer movement, each of the six input channels on the KEAD6 can be divided into a number of programmable divisions ranging from 2 sections up to 32 sections. Each of these sections can be assigned a keystroke which is generated when the potentiometer's signal reaches that section. There is also an additional mode which produces keystrokes when the potentiometer's signal is increasing or decreasing.

Three joystick buttons may be attached to the header on the KEAD6. These inputs emulate standard joystick buttons from the user's switches.

The KEAD6 is programmed through the USB port of the PC using the programming application included with the unit. Once programmed, the configuration is stored on the KEAD6 in non-volatile memory.

All power for the KEAD6 is taken from the PC USB port, so no external power source is required.

Product Details

  • Emulates a standard USB keyboard and Joystick. Can be used as the only keyboard on the PC or in addition to other keysboards and joysticks attached to the PC.
  • Features six individual screw terminals for connecting up to six potentiometers to the KEAD6.
  • Header for attaching switches to emulate up to three joystick buttons.
  • Supports potentiometers ranging from 500Ω to 1MΩ.
  • Any of the inputs can be programmed as a standard joystick axis such as X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz, Slider, Dial, Wheel, Vx, Vy, Vz, Vbrx, Vbry, Vbrz, Vno.
  • In keystroke mode, each signal step or signal direction can be programmed to emulate any standard keystroke, including those modified by Shift, Alt, or Ctrl. (EX: Ctrl+F1)
  • A timer which periodically sends out the keystroke assigned to the potentiometer position can be enabled for any channel.
  • Can be used as an analog to digital converter. The voltage level of each channel can be read as an 8 bit value by the user's custom software by utilizing an included dll.
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing a PC application which is used to configure the KEAD6.
  • Price - $79.95 ea.



A Male/Male USB cable (our part # KE-USBMM6, $6.95) is required to connect from the KEAD6 USB port to the USB port on the PC.

Use our part # MTA100-4-12 ($1.95) to attach to the joystick button header if using the joystick button inputs.

For more information about the above accessories for the KEAD6, visit the Accessories Page.

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