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We've taken the technology we use in our custom USB Industrial and OEM USB Keyboards, and integrated it into a programmable, 36 input USB interface!

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The KE-USB36 provides an interface from switches and other input devices to the PC USB port. This versatile USB encoder emulates a standard USB Keyboard and Mouse device. Any keystroke emulated with the KE-USB36 may also be modified with a Ctrl, Alt, or Shift function, or any combination of the three modifiers. All inputs on the KE-USB36 are individual inputs, activated by shorting to the provided logic ground. In addition to keystrokes, the KE-USB36 inputs may be programmed to emulate mouse Left, Middle, and Right buttons.

The KE-USB36 features a Trackball input for conversion of this device to mouse movement. (A Spinner may be used instead of a Trackball)

The KE-USB36 is programmed through the USB port of the PC using the programming application included with the unit. Once programmed, the configuration is stored on the KE-USB36 in non-volatile memory.

All power for the KE-USB36 is taken from the PC USB port, so no other voltage supply is required.

Product Details

  • 36 Input, Programmable Keyboard Interface to your PC USB Port.
  • Emulates both a USB Keyboard and a USB mouse device.
  • Uses standard drivers - No special drivers required.
  • Inputs are all individual, activated by a common ground.
  • Features a Trackball interface, which emulates a USB mouse.
  • Any input may be programmed to emulate a standard keyboard key or a Left, Middle or Right mouse button.
  • Connections for driving Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock LEDs.
  • Program keystrokes to emulate single keys, or combined sequences such as Ctrl+F1, etc.
  • Repeat function of each input may be enabled or disabled.
  • Can be used with our IOX36 breakout board for easy wiring.
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing a PC application which is used to configure the KE-USB36
  • Price - $89.95 ea.



A Male/Male USB cable (our part # KE-USBMM6, $6.95) is required to connect from the KE-USB36 USB port, to the USB port on the PC.

We also offer a Trackball Interface cable (our KE-TBH3, $9.95), for connection of the KE-USB36 Trackball header to a Happ Controls Trackball or equivalent.

Use our IOX36 ($17.95) breakout board to attach to the KE-USB36 input header. This unit takes each input out to a screw terminal for easy connection of the signal to your devices.

For more information about any of the above accessories for the KE-USB36 visit the Accessories Page.

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