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The KE-USB108 is not only a USB keyboard, but is a USB mouse and USB joystick as well. This full featured unit has ports for rotary encoders, joystick potentiometers, a trackball, and a spinner! All 108 header inputs are individual, so no need to worry about matrix issues, making this an ideal unit for Flight Sim and PC games!

Each of the 108 inputs may be programmed to emulate keystrokes, joystick buttons, or mouse buttons. Super fast scanning and full speed USB operation assures you of quick response to your controls. Powered from your PC USB port.
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Product Details

  • Full Speed USB interface with 108 programmable inputs.
  • Generate a response when an input is activated, de-activated or both. Perfect for Toggle Switches!
  • Trackball and Spinner ports generate mouse action.
  • Two programmable rotary encoder switch inputs.
  • Four analog inputs for joystick axis X,Y,Z, and Rx potentiometers.
  • Easy to program using included software.
  • Each input can be programmed to emulate any standard keystroke, joystick button, or mouse button.
  • Create keystroke macro sequences of up to 64 keystrokes.
  • Supplied with a user manual and CD-ROM containing software which is used to configure the KE-USB108
  • KE-USB108 Price - $169.95 ea.


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