KE18-ATXT-PS2 Converter

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Custom Applications

Convert PS/2 keyboard protocol into XT protocol

Use the KE18-ATXT-PS2 to interface your PS/2 keyboard to a PC or device that requires an XT type keyboard. Compact 3.0" x 2.5" Size.

Product Details

  • Connects in line from your PS/2 keyboard to the target computer's XT keyboard port.
  • Powered from the computer's keyboard port, no external power required
  • Translates the PS/2 keystrokes into their XT keystroke equivalents
  • Allows use of PS/2 style keyboards with XT type PCs and other XT based computers such as CNC machines
  • Includes a 5 pin DIN to 6 pin miniDIN adapter and cable to attach to the computer's keyboard port
  • Uses standard drivers, no special drivers needed
  • Price - $54.95 ea.


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