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We have several models of special converters. Need to have RS-232 data from one source generate keystrokes and mouse movement on a PC? Convert an old XT keyboard for use on a PS/2 machine, or USB port? Take a look at these products! If you need something special not seen here, please contact us, we can help!

------ RS-232 to Keystroke and Mouse Movement ------


This product allows the user to command keyboard and mouse actions on one PC from RS-232 data sent from another PC or other serial device. Emulates a USB keyboard and mouse on the host PC and uses standard drivers. Can be used with any PC that supports USB devices.

-------- XT Keyboard to USB Keyboard Converter------


This USB device changes XT keyboard protocol into USB keyboard protocol. Allows use of your vintage XT keyboard on any PC with a standard USB port.

-------- XT Keyboard to PS/2 Keyboard Converter------


This PS/2 interface accepts input from an XT keyboard and converts it for use with a PC that accepts PS/2 input.

-------- PS/2 Keyboard to XT Keyboard Converter------


This unit accepts input from a PS/2 style keyboard and converts it to XT keyboard protocol. Use this product to run a PS/2 keyboard on a machine that needs an XT style keyboard, such as a CNC machine or vintage PC.

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